Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Emanations From Beyond the Void

"I Have Seen The Dark Universe Yawning" 22"x30" graphite on watercolor paper

"Le Mystère Lycanthropique " (work in progress) 22"x30" graphite on watercolor paper

"The Mirror Gazer (10 minute sketch)" 10.75"12.75" graphite on colored printmaking paper

"The image is lured into the vortex of consciousness by a curious rite, a stratagem of tantalization, to the verge of mania. This is the Formula of the Vortex which has been used by initiates-especially by initiates of the Left Hand Path-from time immemorial."
-Kenneth Grant "Outside the Circles of Time"

I'm excited to unveil some of my recent drawings to you, O faithful readers (are you there?). Having been in the midst of chipping away at a few commissioned projects, other forces have been at work, prompting a creative detour of sorts, and a trickle of large drawings have manifested themselves. Hoping to channel these creative impulses into a productive output worthy of exhibition in my next show (tentatively scheduled for May), I've looked yet again to inspiration from occult sources.

Although seemingly worlds apart from some of my previous works, I believe the new drawings fit comfortably into the larger canon/aim of my work and my recent experiments with esoteric processes and source inspiration. In short, the new work reveals my interests in the idea of culling imagery from "beyond the void" of normal consciousness. Mirror gazing, meditation, studying the images found in flame and smoke, utilizing patience and repetition, trance states, astral projection, all these methods have been tested time and again for magicians, artists, shamans, etc. to glean knowledge that is hidden away from our normal conscious selves. If you haven't already guessed it, I've been reading a lot on English artist/mystic Austin Osman Spare.

I guess that's an ambiguous enough description of what I've been whiling away at for now, eh? Don't worry, I'll have much more to say (and show) in the future as I begin to get into the thick of this new series.

Always glad to hear your thoughts!

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