Friday, February 13, 2015

Votaries of the Cemetery

 "Baron" 9"x12" pen & ink on watercolor paper

 "Ingressus" 9"x12" pen & ink on watercolor paper

 "The Way of All Flesh" 9"x12" pen & ink on watercolor paper

These are just a few of the drawings I will be featuring in my book "Votaries of the Cemetery" which is now in the works. As I continue to chip away at the series of drawings that will fill the book, I am hoping to have some incredible prints available to accompany the project. Each print will be lovingly signed, stamped and sealed in a beautifully designed and hand assembled package. To complete the package, each print will be accompanied with poetic invocations that relate to the imagery and symbolism found in each piece. I will be updating on here as progress is made in on this project.