Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Things

"Kangling" - A Tibetan trumpet made from a human thighbone. Collection of the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. Ink pen

"Gary Higgins, Thicker Than a Smokey" - Watercolor

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Total Life

Recent Utterances

"Effects Pedal & Amplifier Setup" - ink pen

"The Alchemist" - ink pens

Good Jams:

Current 93 - "Earth Covers Earth" 1988

Tangerine Dream - "Phaedra" 1973

Hawkwind - "Space Ritual" 1972

Throbbing Gristle - "the First Annual Report" 1979

The New Year

Good to be back. Happy New Year. After a long hiatus due to general busyness and laziness, I'm finally back online! Had some scanner trouble as well, which didn't help things.

Lots going on in my world. First of all, aside from searching for work, I've been busy with a band I formed together with my friend Jim. We both share incredibly similar musical tastes, and things have been progressing smoothly for the past two months. We're sort of an amalgam of Krautrock-inspired psych, minimalist boogie, and eastern-flavored drone/experimental. Think Hawkwind meets High Rise over a lunch of Vindaloo curry and samosas. No band name as of yet but one is in the works. We should be playing soon too, after we are able to get a full time bassist. Power trio dreams!

Next in line is a new series of paintings I will be working on and then shopping around at local coffee shops, bars, and galleries. Anyone interested in setting up a show at their particular gallery, or if you're a fellow artist looking to organize a group show please e-mail me. The title of the series will be Total Life. The work deals with ideas of ritual magick, early human semiotics & symbols, minimalism, nature, and tone. I've included some early sketches and studies above.

That's about it for news as of now, if anyone has any leads on potential jobs, please let me know. Things are more than bleak in that area right now.