Friday, March 8, 2013

Recent Mutterings

 "Diana" Charcoal, ink, graphite on paper

 "A Dream of Serpents" Charcoal, ink, graphite on paper

Our Fair City Comics Vol. 2 "Picture Window"

Inked pages one and two. These will be colored using watercolors in the coming days.

Very happy to have been asked to contribute artwork to the second issue of sci-fi radio program Our Fair City's comic offshoot.

The story I am currently working on illustrating is titled Picture Window and concerns the story of "Suit", a stuffy office worker whose mundane and colorless world is turned upside down when a mysterious object is spotted falling from the sky.

The story was written by Mark Soloff, and will be lettered by Dann Tincher, who also heads the comic division of Our Fair City.