Saturday, January 24, 2015

Typhonian O.T.O on vinyl!

Read more about this amazing 45 here and here! Happy to stumble across this one folks, super cool!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Society of the Horseman's Word

"...And His Master's Name Was Cain" 2015 5"x7"  $25
This is a new pen & ink drawing based on my research into the folklore and magical practices of the Scottish secret society the Horseman's Word. This rural arcane arte allows the initiated to have power over horses and women, and shares much in common with the praxis of the toadmen in traditional witchcraft. After the fashion of freemasonry, a complex series of ritualized swearing of oaths and pacts allowed the initiate into the inner mysteries  of the society. To the rural farmer, having power over animals gave a huge advantage to their relationship with the land and the often harsh agricultural lifestyle.

Prints of this image are available for the prices listed below plus shipping. Payments accepted via Paypal:

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year, New Work

Hello friends, welcome back! 

2015 has started out strong for me. With the anticipation of our first child on the way and a plethora of new artwork on the horizon, I'm feeling pretty darn good about the new year. In addition to many new drawings and paintings and the prospect of being published in one of my favorite esoteric journals, I'm working towards the creation of a new book of my recent work entitled "Votaries of the Cemetery". To coincide with and to help fund the production of the book, a series of prints are being made available for sale here. If you would like, please follow me on Instagram for more regular updates of work or to place orders for prints. I'm hoping to have some of these books and prints available through a few select Chicago retailers (Alchemy Arts, The Occult Bookstore) as well as a few places nationally as well once completion of the book is announced.

The images deal with my navigation through the currents of traditional witchcraft, African diasporic traditions such as quimbanda, obeah, palo mayombe and vodou as well as esoteric voudon. Forged through ritual engagement with spirit, artistic contemplation and steeped in Saturnian energy, these new pieces center around the idea of the Great Work, the path towards death and renewal and the liberation of the soul through knowledge and enlightenment.

 Let us not neglect the lessons gleaned from the Boneyard.

 Prints of these images are available for the prices listed below plus shipping. Payments accepted via Paypal:

"The Way of All Flesh" 2015 9"x12"  $35

"Nganga" 2015 5"x7"  $25 

"Initiates of Vama Marg" 2014 5"x7"  $25

"The Blacksmith & The Peacock Angel" 2014 9"x12"  $30

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