Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sadhu Sadhu Tonight at Beat Kitchen!!

"The Temple of the Moon..." collage by David Thomas

After a string of great loft shows throughout the city, my band Sadhu Sadhu is proud to play our first bonafide venue! We'll be playing this evening at 9:30 at the Beat Kitchen (773- 281 - 4444
2100 W. Belmont Chicago, IL 60618) with local high energy garage lords Vee Dee. I designed a poster, and with printig help from my good buddy Meng Yang of Support Your Local Industries and Spudnik Press, I'm totally stoked to present the design here!

Lots going on in the area of music for me. We've got some great shows lined up for the future. Check out our myspace page for more info (!

Also, in art news, my good friend David Thomas recently had a stellar opening for his amazing collage work in Andersonville. Anyone interested (and I highly, highly recommend it) should visit his Conjuring Mythologies site:

Come Support!

Until the next entry...