Friday, November 26, 2010

R.I.P. Peter Christopherson 1955-2010

A great article about this seminal figure in experimental music.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grinderman @ The Riviera Theater 11/22/10

Had the great fortune of witnessing a punishing Grinderman concert yesterday at the Riv! Unbelievable energy from the entire band, particularly Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

Ellis was absolutely on a different plane for the entire show, running wildly back and forth from his side of the stage to the drum stand, slamming into Nick, alternating between his guitar, violin, and electric bouzouki, and thrashing like a mad man possessed underneath his mic stand, violently shaking and beating two maracas against a mic'd hi hat. I think anyone in the audience on his side of the stage left feeling a little more sane and a lot more deaf...

Cave was in truly ecstatic form as well, howling to the rafters and screaming lyrics into a stunned and god-struck audience. His old Bad Seeds dance moves were there as well, gyrating and pulsing like a writhing corpse-thin version of Elvis.

Overall, a mesmerizing and intense performance!

Also had an opportunity to (very) briefly meet Mr. Cave after the show and have a copy of his first volume of lyrics and writings, "King Ink" signed. My friend Eric and I were totally in fanboy mode for this, so I didn't get to spit much out, but Nick gave me a funny kind of "" when he saw the book. Must have been a long time since he'd seen a copy of it, since it was published in 1990 on Henry Rollins' publishing company, 2.13.61, and has been out of print nearly as long. Thanks to my wife, Candace, for standing out in the cold with us to wait after the show and for taking pictures!

Totally geeked out! It's a strange experience meeting one of your idols, especially someone who's artistic output stretches through nearly 3 decades of incredible live performances, legendary albums, film appearances, and written word.

Sadhu Sadhu at Empty Bottle 12/20/10

New flyer I designed for our first show since July!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Psych Fest II: Welcome II The Void

I'll be working on the poster art for this years Psych Fest at the Hideout! Jan. 21st and 22nd are the confirmed dates, with a possible pending secret show. Here's a preview sketch for the poster.

Thanks be to our brethren at the
Chicago Metaphysical Circus for putting on yet another kick ass event. Check the Hideout's page for all the info and updates. We're all keeping our fingers crossed that Moonstone Continuum will make it down from Minneapolis for this great series of shows!

Super Minerals

Excellent side project of Magic Lantern members Phil French and William Giachhi (or is it the main project now that Magic lantern has disappointingly called it quits?). Layered and expansively unfolding drones permeated with subtle naturalistic field recordings that seem to suffuse into the blood like rays of bright California sunshine. These guys are also responsible for Stunned Records, which has been releasing hard-to-nab tapes by promising acts like Italy's magnificent Silver Bullets. Check out the album "Magnitudes" by Super Minerals on Digitalis.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Up the Yangtze

Saw a great documentary yesterday, Up the Yangtze. It really made me ponder the effects of civilization and industrialization on nature. There are few films that can really hit me in such a way that I'm brought to tears and this is one of them. The film discusses China's decision to dam the Yangtze river, the pro's and con's of this decision, and the human toll that this decision has taken. Up the Yangtze really captures the loss of cultural identity that has permeated China as a result of its governments devotion to modernization, globalization, and national power.