Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Drawings

 Smiling Sorcerer chalk pastel

 The Aeon of Likos graphite and white charcoal accents

The Dreamer (Lure of the Poppy) graphite

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Witch of Forest Grove

Very pleased to see that the olde traditions of yore are still thriving in our seemingly demystified and spiritually disinterested culture of hyper-techno-topical materialism.

Sarah Lawless is a modern day spaewife extremely dedicated to her manifold craft. She looks to the past (myth, folklore, ethnobotany, pagan traditions) to inform her present and future workings. Please support her amazing blog by viewing her beautiful art and other handmade objects, talismans, potions and ointments, home-brewed meads, botanical curiosities, etc. 

Very happy to have found her fascinating site and have been learning more about the continuing traditions of earth magic, traditional witchcraft, and paganism with each new post!

Our Fair City Comic Anthology

Very happy to have been asked to create a piece for the Our Fair City comic anthology which will be going to print this summer. The comic actually coincides with an award-winning post-apocalyptic sci-fi internet radio epic which features creative contributions by 70+ individuals! Wow! You should check them out on facebook for more info as well. I was asked by friend and sequential artist/designer/animator, Dann Tincher, to create a propoganda poster for the series urging citizens of the series "Don't Feed the Moles", i.e. the sub-dwelling molepeople from the story. Here 'tis:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Absinthe: A Documentary

Sometimes, life surprises you in simple ways. While slogging through the mire of contemporary B-movie drivel and innumerable Hollywood cast-offs, I just stumbled upon this great little documentary about the ritual, history, and culture surrounding Absinthe, one of the most notorious hallucinogenic libations ever concocted by human hands. 

In addition to revealing a great deal of information on the subject, complete with interviews from contemporary absinthe makers in France, artists, and authors, the film contains a soundtrack featuring music by Thurston Moore, Matt Valentine, and Sun City Girls among others. 

If you've got time check it out! You can stream it directly from Netflix. Check the website and view the trailer above for more info.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last days at Swim Cafe

Just a reminder to anyone who hasn't had a chance to stop by and check out my show at Swim Cafe, please do as I'll be taking it down this coming Wednesday! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the work!

Also, my friend Cheri Charlton will be showing her work at Swim, with an artist reception happening this Friday at 6PM. Check it out.