Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grinderman are back!

Grinderman 2 is finally out on US shores via Anti- and it is BRILLIANT! A true reclamation and decimation of the spirit of primal rock n roll fury. The sounds on this record sit well between such punk-blues-psychedelic upstarts as John Spencer Blues Explosion and Comets on Fire and the noisier expansive explorations of the German Krautrock/Kosmische set, and it's all filtered through Nick Cave's sneering and whip-smart lyrical vision of male mid-life lust, longing, and languidity. Can't wait to catch these miscreants when they get to Chicago in a few months (it'll be my first time witnessing monsieur Cave live and in person, words cannot express my excitement!). You bet yer ass I have tickets already!

By the way, I hope you have a turntable, because the LP version of this album is killer. Comes with a 12"12" booklet with lyrics and drawings, a huge hilarious poster, CD version of the album, and the lettering on the heavy-duty sleeve is embossed with blue foil! Woooo, fancy...just get it!

On our way!

A little caricature of me and the love of my life. Just a few short weeks to the wedding! Watercolor and ink superimposed on canvas.

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