Thursday, February 5, 2009

Support Your Local Industries

Support Your Local Industries is a Chicago-based T-shirt company run exclusively by my good friend Meng Yang. Meng is an extraordinary designer and in the past year has developed his company with the intention of ,well, supporting local businesses, albeit with a particularly creative bent. Check it out here and support!

SYL sells shirts designed by Meng and come packaged in beautiful silkscreened posters on craft paper designed by local artists. Meng recently approached me to do the next batch of posters.

Below, I've uploaded some rough mock-up images of my idea for the art. It'll be screened at Spudnik press here in the city on 24"x24" brown craft paper. Hopefully, I'll be able to do 2 variations, one with orange text and one with green.There's a link to the previous poster here, by Angee Lennard. More info to come soon.

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