Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dante's Pizzeria New Location Open for Business!

I'm so excited to announce the completion of the mural I was commissioned to do for the new Avondale location of Dante's Pizzeria here in Chicago! The video above is a start-to-finish progression of the 3 pieces began in the fall and completed a few weeks back.

The guys at Dante's celebrated their grand opening last Tuesday and there has already been a ton of buzz surrounding the look of the place. Beautiful cathedral inspired dark wood that was all constructed specifically for the restaurant, spacious pew-style seating and of course, the decadent occult-inspired imagery make it quite a different experience than your average pizza joint.

The pizza is top notch as ever, but I think the feel of this new spot is really something. Stop by to have a look for yourself. More info here.

Also, be sure to check out tattoo artist Jennifer Trok's pizza cutter from hell as well on the far wall near the kitchen:

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