Monday, September 24, 2012

Meng Yang's Genghis Khan

A beautiful illustration of a young Genghis Khan and his wolf mother. In response to a proposed idea about a local semimonthly drawing club group, I recently got this image emailed to me from my good friend Meng Yang a brilliant designer and print maker, who operates a very cool online poster store, Know Your Flag. Be sure to drop by and check out some of his work. Beautiful craftsmanship, design and a wealth of Chicago historical knowledge!

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Carlos Morales Michelini said...

Hello, really liked the drawing.
I am a student of philosophy and admired the great Khan´s nomadism, that´s why now I´m living in Taiwan.
I want a tattoo with this symbolism, would like to contact Meng Yang so maybe can make me a draw. Can u help me?