Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best Albums of 2011

Although it was an amazing year for new music, I spent a large chunk of my time delving into the past and discovering many albums and artist that I have overlooked or have only recently become aware of.
I'm sure that there was a plethora of music that I missed while I was traveling back in time to mine for aural gems, probably many new albums that I just plain glossed over or bands that I felt fell short of the hype surrounding them. However, these 10 albums are ones that struck a particular chord with me in 2011. I've posted standout tracks that I feel represent each records' tone (and forgive me for posting a reissue in a "new" best-of the year list-"Nada!" is just that good!).

Dirty Beaches "Badlands" Zoo Music
standout track(s) "Horses", "Lord Knows Best", "Sweet 17", "True Blue"

Tom Waits "Bad As Me" Anti-
standout track(s) "Face to the Highway", "Raised Right Men", "Talking at the Same Time", "Bad As Me", "Chicago"

Grouper "A I A: Alien Observer/Dream Loss" Yellowelectric
standout track: "Alien Observer"

Death In June "NADA! Plus (30th anniversary reissue)" Pylon
standout track "The Honour of Silence", "The Calling", "C'est Un Reve"
Six Organs Of Admittance "Maria Kapel" Pavilion
standout track "Maryam"

Cult of Youth "S/T" Sacred Bones
standout track "Lace Up Your Boots"

Zola Jesus "Conatus" Sacred Bones
standout track (s) "Hikikomori", "Seekir"
Great Society Mind Destroyers "Spirit Smoke" Slow Knife
standout track "Divinorum"

K Holes "S/T" HoZac
standout track(s) "Swamp Fires", "Werewolf With a Tan"

Mick Harvey "Sketches From the Book of the Dead" Mute
standout track "October Boy"

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