Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bickering Bray Cassettes & CD-R's Complete Catalog

I've always believed in the power of documentation and cataloging ones work. How many times have you lost valuable files, paperwork, or sold off artwork without making some kind of documentation? In an effort to put an end to lost artwork and information, I began using this blog as a place to post my art and music. I've decided to make my work available to the public in order to spread it to all who are interested.

For nearly 3 years, I ran a small independent record label that specialized in small-run, handmade, extremely limited cassette and CD-R releases. I called it Bickering Bray, after a friend described to me a bizarre Korean ghost-exorcising ritual that involved setting spirits afloat on boats and letting them howl into the night. I have nary a notion as to how the word "bickering" or "bray" got thrown in there, but it's an intriguing phrase nonetheless. The releases themselves varied in genre from psychedelic folk, ambient, experimental, noise, free improvisation, and even reggae. I had the pleasure of working with various musicians scattered across the States, releasing albums for or releasing albums in collaboration with individuals and bands from Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky & Washington state to name a few.

While I've decided that it's about time to put the ol' label to rest, I want to give everyone the opportunity to listen to the releases. I regret not documenting some of the unreleased material sooner, so unfortunately those music files and artwork are forever lost in the sands of time.
The specific album I'm referring to is "Voice of the Cicada" by Cloud Temple, my psych folk solo project. I recorded 4 songs that were meant to be released in a box set containing original art prints, a 3" mini CD-R and an assortment of cicada shells. Unfortunately, the original tape was lost in a move, and after my computer and external hard drive crashed simultaneously, the unmixed files and art were lost as well. You'll find the "BB012" folder empty with the rest of the downloads simply as a placeholder.

Here are all the Bickering Bray releases in chronological order divided into folders by catalog number, each folder containing all the tracks and artwork for the individual release. I've cut the download into 4 parts. Enjoy, friends!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Bickering Bray artists include: Black Moss (Chicago, IL), Cloud Temple (Chicago, IL), Green Room Rockers (Lafayette, IN), John(ny) Miller (Chicago, IL), Skullzone (Chicago, IL), Sports (Little Rock, AK), Teeth Collection (Columbus, OH), Justin Wilk (Muncie, IN)


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J. said...

Wow this is some great stuff! A friend of mine told me about sports! I have been on a search for their stuff. The Black Moss Project is also great. Its a shame I missed out when actual CDs were available. Thank you for sharing this !!!! great!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Any chance of re-uploading these delights? Links are sadly long since kaput...

Unknown said...

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. It was a lot of fun to put these releases together. I'll try to get these uploaded again in the near future so hold tight. I also recently found that someone made a Discogs page for Bickering Bray as well with some pics and whatnot, there are even some titles for sale.