Thursday, April 29, 2010

Heavy Times

It's been a busy, busy couple of weeks. Got some new job opportunities, and have also been blessed with some recent creative endeavors. I was so excited to be asked to do the album cover for one of my favorite Chicago bands, Heavy Times. It's been a little hectic gettin' the sucker laid out, but I think it looks good and I can't wait to see how my buddy Kyle does with the silk screened covers, he's a great print maker, so I'm sure this is child's play for him. Many thanks for the patience, Kyle and Bo, it's been a crazy few days!

The plan is for a folded sleeve with a 6" flap on the backside containing all the info, and allowing the vinyl to be exposed in the plastic outer sleeve. In addition, the plastic screen itself will be printed with the band name and album title text. I've posted the mock-up for interested parties!

Can't wait to see the finished project!

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